Stop treating your Facebook Marketing like Fire and Forget Missile

facebook marketing agency

The most important element of running successful Facebook PPC activity is understanding Facebook Ad-sets lifecycle. 

The main difference between Search advertising (Google, Bing) to Display advertising (Facebook Ads, Display platforms) is the importunacy of refreshing your ad creative.

Think about the following scenario from facebook advertising companies

An average Facebook user seeing the same exact Facebook ads for 2 weeks twice a day. At some point users start getting tired of seeing the same Facebook ads in high frequency. That cause few things.

  1. CTR is getting lower: When your potential audience keep seeing the same Facebook banner or video over and over again they will get tired of it – and it will have a direct impact on your Ad’s CTR.
  2. As a result of the CTR drop, your Facebook ads relevance score will go down
  3. People might click on the X-out button on your ads, which will directly impact your ad relevance score.
facebook advertising companies

facebook advertising companies

Therefore your Facebook advertising Agency or Facebook campaign managers must be aware for CTR Drops, Facebook CPC and Facebook CPM surge.

The best way to tackle this challenge. Is to have a game plan with Facebook creative and Targeting.

  • Make sure you have enough banners so you can rotate your ads.
  • Try to change your audience targeting – Make sure you are not saturating your audiences.
  • Monitor your Facebook ads CTR and Conversion rates on a daily basis

How to manage your Facebook campaigns efficiently?

  • Make sure you have separate audiences per each ad-set, Try to go as granular and excluding audiences. When you use the exclude options wisely you will prevent targeting overlapping which will decrease your overall CPM bidding.
  • Don’t Panic – Over Optimization it is also not recommended. Let the campaign run for the first 24 hours if that campaign stats look reasonable, in order to collect data and then make your decision.
  • Usually Facebook don’t give me too much time to test banner – If a Facebook ad didn’t hook in the first 12 hours it is most likely that it won’t hook.
facebook advertising agency

facebook advertising agency

The Facebook Advertising challenge for companies – Facebook users expect to get engaging ads.

In order to get positive results for the long term on Facebook, ads must be engaging, triggering and create curiosity among users.

here are several ways to do it with Facebook ads.

  1. Asking the users a question in the ad text.
  2. Use controversial banners, A banner that can both deliver a message create social engagement; Likes , Comments, shares and can have good CTR and conversion rate.
  3. Finish with a strong Call to Action – The Call to action can be blended with question –

“Ready to Play?” “Make your move”, Challenge your audience.

  1. Make sure you are staying up to date and use content that relates to the daily news.
  2. Many users see Facebook as a news outlet and collaborating news in your ads concept can achieve great engagement and results.