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Pay Per Click Agency, Committed to nothing but results. Our Know-how allows us to increase website quality traffic and convert more clicks! Stop wasting money on empty clicks or impressions. Unleash your business potential with us today.

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Running an effective campaign involves more than taking a leap. At RDM we take a step back and analyze your business objectives, target audience and reach potential. We develop. We strategize. We move.


A strong campaign needs a solid foundation. It needs a plan. Let us do just that. Through building target audience segments, coupled with compelling creative, you’ll be ready to conquer the competition.


We’ve thought it out. We’ve built the structure. Now it’s time to go-live and start seeing results. That’s the strength in online marketing. With a close eye on your campaign we are constantly optimizing activity so that you can reach optimal business performance.

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Add paid search to your advertising efforts to drive traffic to your site

Users are reaching out to Google Search when they need more information. This provides an opportunity to reach consumers while they are actively searching online. By conducting a thorough keyword analysis, Rossert Digital Marketing will find the keywords and terms that have the greatest impact on search results in your industry. Reach millions of online users by showing up in their search results, with relevant and targeted ads.

Contact us today and learn how Search Engine Marketing can help grow your business.


Engage users. Convert leads. Acquire customers.

Let us take your business to the next level with customized Facebook campaigns.

Your users are online, but it’s a matter of reaching and engaging them through content they want to see. Rossert Digital Marketing will provide you with the strategy to reach these potential customers. Through an analysis of the market and by effectively targeting your audience segments, we will ensure that your brand is seen. Building strategic, targeted Facebook campaigns allows you to increase your social activity exposure in order to build brand awareness and capture the market.


Reaching new heights with data-driven re-marketing.

There are many advanced methods to reengage with existing and potential customers. Using re-marketing techniques and strategies, Rossert Digital Marketing will target these audiences and keep them engaged with your brand. It’s all about customer retention through accurate targeting. Using data collected and analyzed from previous brand activity, we will fine-tune ads geared to these customers and keep them interested in your brand.


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Rossert Digital Marketing has experience managing online marketing strategy and performance campaigns for large brands in both B2B and B2C industries. Through understanding the core business objectives and goals, we have helped grow brands of all sizes. From building digital strategy plans, to increasing user acquisition and improving retention rates, RDM generates qualified results tailored to your business needs.


Omri Rossert is Founder and CEO of Rossert Digital Marketing Inc. Prior to founding Rossert Digital, Omri was a senior marketing professional at a global video game development company, overseeing a team focused on Facebook advertising and user acquisition across global markets including the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Omri began his career working for a global advertising agency, where he managed multi-million dollar digital advertising campaigns for numerous companies, with particular focus on the U.S. market. With over 30,000 hours of online campaign management experience, Omri is familiar with a multitude of web and mobile marketing platforms and is adept at managing digital marketing campaigns from the idea phase through execution. Omri founded Rossert Digital with the goal of offering clients best-in-class digital marketing expertise with a focus on personalized attention and the highest level of client service.

Our Mission

At Rossert Digital Marketing we believe in executing your marketing strategy to empower your existing product. We set the bar high because we know every great product deserves recognition. Our goal is to be committed to the highest standard in performance marketing to deliver the best results for your brand.