PredictIt’s Facebook PPC campaign


How we scaled PredictIt’s Facebook PPC campaign with detailed targeting & tailor-made creative?

Running Facebook advertising campaigns is complicated, especially with Facebook campaigns where there are specific KPIs and goals.

Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC

Our Facebook ads company had a success with PredictIt demonstrates the impact of tailoring the creative to the audience targeting right from the bottom all the way up.

Reducing Facebook cost per link click and increasing conversion rates in all funnels, from the signup stage all the way to the payment stage.

Facebook user acquisition plays a significant role in every product economy from e-commerce to a trading platforms or utility app. Keeping the revenue stream by acquiring new users or customers to your product is a vital part of every product’s lifecycle.

Facebook Advertising Agency – Our Approach


Facebook  Advertising Agency

As a Facebook performance marketing agency, we understand how important it is to stick to our clients’ KPIs and help them execute through Facebook pay-per-click campaigns, measuring every performance indicator from cost through signup conversion rates to payers rates.

Building proper layers of audiences and establishing different target prices for each user segment was part of the initial campaign build up.

The Facebook campaigns’ structure played a key role, making sure we are targeting the most qualified users for PredictIt, and eliminating users who are not relevant to their product. By using core lookalike, behaviors and age targeting, we were able to bring high quality traffic while keeping low CPA.

The full case study is featured on Facebook for Business in the following link – PredictIt Success Story