Online Reputation Management: Protect Yourself from Your Past Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether it’s a DUI from your younger days to an arrest for a crime—even if you were never convicted, there is most likely something in your past that you would like to keep the world from knowing.

Yet, at the same time, with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before to find out something about someone. When a potential employer—or date—Googles you, what will they find? Do you want their first impression of you to be shaped by a momentary lapse of discretion 20 years ago?

Protect your name at google

Protect your name at google

And, unfortunately, it’s not just youthful indiscretions that can haunt you. If you’ve ever been involved in a serious auto accident—and have medical issues as a result—you don’t want potential employers to read a news story about it and question whether you would be able to perform on the job. Or, perhaps you were interviewed for an article on a polarizing topic, and now you want to be sure that your stance doesn’t come back to haunt you. Whatever your reasoning, you have every right to wish for the past to remain in the past rather than hanging around to haunt your present.

Online Reputation Management ( ORM ) is the Answer

If you have something you would prefer for the Internet to forget, online reputation management (ORM) is the service for you. This innovative service allows you to influence what other people see when they search for you.

Protect Your name at Google with Google Advertising Agency

While you cannot make Google forget about you, you can certainly utilize the search engine algorithms to your advantage. When you come to us for online reputation management, our team of internet search engine experts gets to work, using every trick at their disposal to push the offending results safely off of the first page of results.

Protect Your Future from Your Past

More than 97% of Google searchers never leave the first page of results. To this end, when we work with you and get your unsavory information pushed to page 3 or 4, you can rest assured that, chances are, your past will remain in the past.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help you. Contact us today, and let’s get started protecting your online reputation – ORM!

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management