Why Facebook PPC campaigns management became a complicated operation?

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The Facebook advertising tools have seen a major change in the past 5 years. Both Power editor and the Facebook ads manager have improved dramatically and offer much more than it did in the past. The Facebook advertising auction also got much more sophisticated and adjusted itself to the large amount of advertisers out there.

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Running Facebook PPC campaigns is a vital part of every business which is trying to grow online – The Facebook ads are easy to build and manage, but with that said the performance optimization became tricky & complicated.

As an advertiser who is competing in the Facebook Advertising auction with hundreds of other businesses bidding on the same audiences, you must stand out in your Targeting, your Creative, your Bidding and most important – your Decision Making.

Targeting: don’t just use lookalike or do not just use keywords – Try to mix and match Lookalike with your core business targeting interests.  The secret sauce of Facebook successful advertising is not too broad and not to granular. When you go to broad in targeting your CTR won’t be good and Conversion rates as well. When you go to granular with Facebook ads targeting – you will exhaust your audience to fast.

Advertising agency Facebook Creative: Creating a winning creative for Facebook Pay per click ads is an art. Use banners with people – People like to see people and ten to engage with emotions.

Add small text with a quote or question.

Make sure the content looks “native” in the Facebook feed.

Bidding: Use Smart Bidding in Facebook advertising campaigns is a key Don’t just bid on actual buyers if you feel that the campaign won’t elevate. Go one or 2 step up in the funnel – collect more conversions data. Let the FB pixel work for your and learn your audience.

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Advertising agencies on Facebook: Decision Making

The most important piece in the puzzle is your Facebook campaign optimization and decision making.

When to “kill” a campaign?

When to adjust bidding?

When to use accelerate or standard delivery?

On which time frame should I look? 1 day, 7 days? 14 days?

How to identify performance decline?

All these daily decisions are important and you must live your campaigns in order to make the best decision.