Facebook Video Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Are They Worth It?


As you guys probably all know Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and after the recent changes the company has made to its code, it’s also one of the two most powerful online and mobile advertising platforms, coming in right behind Google.

Facebook video advertising is a highly effective way of turning leads into consumers, and targeting more people who might be interested in your niche. Facebook ad agency are now widely used by many businesses, and are a fantastic option for people who are trying to get their online businesses off the ground.

The Growth

Facebook Pay Per Click Agency

Facebook Pay Per Click Agency

One of the reasons why Facebook pay per click video campaigns are a better choice is because Facebook continues to grow at a rapid pace. If you compare the year after year growth of Facebook and YouTube (the world’s largest video sharing network), you will see that the former’s growth rate is much higher.

Facebook saw over 1,000% increase in video views in the past 12 months. Comparing to YouTube which its growth is limited, Facebook video has a tremendous potential to many advertisers.

Higher Conversion Rates

Facebook video advertising – costs money; however, the number one reason why businesses are switching to Facebook is because the conversion rates are much higher, than any other display channel thus justifying the increased costs. By any standard, it’s a worthwhile investment for every business.

Facebook Advertising Agency – How to Adapt?

Advertisers who are still market on YouTube now need to start how the invest more money and efforts with Facebook and Instagram. Facebook PPC ads have a solid conversion rate, and can dramatically improve the amount of traffic your website generates, much better conversion rates if we compare Facebook video ads to YouTube ads.

The collaboration of core targeting with quality Video content on Facebook can be a game changer for many advertisers who are frustrated from YouTube videos that never convert.