5 Simple Actions that will boost your Ad-words campaign

PPC Agency: adwords

PPC Agency: adwords

Google Ad-words Evolved during the past 10 years. It showed up to the world in the early 2000’s many features were added to help online marketers avoid common mistakes.

Google Advertising Agency

The Ad-words Pay per Click auction is becoming aggressive and expensive. PPC Agency says that Even small action can make your campaigns and ad groups shine.

  1. Divide Ad groups and keep negative in Phrase. Broad negative will limit your impression share. In some cases when you work granular and the competition is high use Exact negative to improve Quality scores.
  1. Pay Per Click Agency

    Pay Per Click Agency

    Create different campaigns for mobile and for desktop traffic, your home page or landing page has different reactions, so you must measure campaigns separately. Many paid mobile clicks have different objective than desktop. Such as phone calls and directions. Usually Desktop pay per clicks campaigns have much higher conversion rates in objectives such as leads and forms.

  1. Use Audiences exclusion for Search campaigns. Many time users are just “window shoppers” and paid search click might be expensive when you have users who already visited your site and searching again. In those cases when you understand these are empty clicks use your re-targeting list as negative one.
  1. Ads Extensions – As we said before, The Auction and the competition are just getting harder. This is the reason why you need to have more real estate in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) The bigger your ads more chances the users will click on it.
  1. The new Adwords Search ads allow you to play more with two lines of 30 characters. Use it more efficiently, use Question and Answers. Logical sequences and other creative titles are the formula for high click through rate.

Google Advertising Agency : conclusion

Google is keep launching the small features to help small and medium size advertise to use pay per click wisely and not “burn” your marketing budget on non-related clicks and impressions.